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UCO Mission Trips | University Christian Outreach - Ann Arbor


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UCO Mission Trips

  Part of the call of Christ and our mission as UCO is to serve the underprivileged, the poor, the naked, and the hungry, wherever we find them.  Our spring break mission trips are great opportunities to do so alongside fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Detroit - 'Urban Encounter' 

It's easy to get caught up in the glamour of going to far-away places to do mission trip work, but we can't forget that we have an opportunity to serve in a very poor, oftentimes very desperate environment just east of Ann Arbor.  Detroit is a city in crisis and with profound need in many areas. And we believe the Lord calls us to enter into that brokenness to serve and be Christ to the people there. 

For the past number of years we've been working with a partner group called Youthworks Detroit to put on these spring break trips, called 'Urban Encounters'.  This year we will most likely run another trip, provided we have people to go serve.  If you ask anyone who has spent any amount of time serving in Detroit, they will recommend that you go.  

More information on this year's trip is forthcoming, but stay posted!

Detroit ASB


“My favorite part was seeing--and being apart of--love in action.  We handed outbagged lunches to the hungry.  Wewitnessed men, by the grace of God, rebuilding their lives after years ofimprisonment and alcoholsim.  We helpedrenovate the house of a family striving to radically answer God's call to be alight in a darkened city.  We experiencedGod at work in Detroit.” 

       -Chris, U of M Graduate (now serving in Detroit as a missionary)




Mexico Mission Trip


Twenty of our students chose to spend their spring break on a mission trip to Agua Prieta, Mexico. They spent the week at four different worksites, building houses, serving the poor, and playing with kids. 

“This was an amazing experience and I loved it! I cannot wait to return.”       
Bethie Loveland, UofM junior
"In Mexico I built stronger relationships with my fellow UCO members that went onthe trip. I saw God working powerfully in the other UCO people that went downto serve with me and in the Mexican people that we were serving."        
Todd Baker, UofM junior 

For more information about next year's trip, talk to a staff member!

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