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FAQ | University Christian Outreach - Ann Arbor


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You may have asked yourself at one point or another, "What does that acronym stand for?", or "What are these people talking about?".  We aren't trying to deceive anyone - This is a page of frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms and acronyms people often use in our outreach...just in case you were wondering!

UCO - University Christian Outreach

The Servants of the Word - Also often referred to as "the Brothers", The Servants of the Word are an ecumenical, international Christian brotherhood of men living single for the Lord.

COA - Campus Outreach Academy is a training seminar which takes place in late summer that will equip young people with the vision, skills and strategies to become effective missionaries among college students. It has a two-fold aim of giving students formative teaching for their minds and training for leadership in their outreaches.

DSO - Detroit Summer Outreach is a two month program where college-aged men and women live and serve in Detroit, while receiving Christian formation to prepare them for a life of mission. Interns give up two months of their summer to engage in intense discipleship through living a rich common life together (men and women separate), sacrificing certain 'luxuries', and receiving training in youth-work and urban issues.

Fan Into Flame (FIF) - This is an annual retreat for non-Christians and Christians who would like to experience the Holy Spirit more fully in their lives.

The Winter Conference - An annual conference held in the mid-western states (Michigan and Ohio). This conference is sponsored by Kairos North America with attendees from University Christian Outreach's and St. Paul's Outreach 's around the North American region.

Kairos - The time when God acts and we must respond.  Kairos is an international federation of outreaches to high school, university, and post-university aged people. Its primary values are: 

Word of Life Community (WOL) - the organization that sponsors University Christian Outreach lives their Christian commitment out in a particular manner, united by a covenant, a common way of life, and a dedication to a common purpose and mission. This is not a church, but people from many different religious traditions make up this body of believers. The spirit of this community is expressed particularly well by these scriptures: Matthew 22:36-40 ; John 17:20-21 ; Mark 16:15

The Sword of the Spirit (SOS) - The Sword of the Spirit is an ecumenical association comprised of more than 65 communities in 24 countries - more than 10,000 people using their time, money and resources to help their fellow human beings. Members belong to Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Traditions.

Household -a household is a group of people living together in a common way of life. Many times people agree to pray and eat common meals together a couple times a week. The goal is to build good Christian friendships, grow in love for one another and to encourage each other in the Christian walk.

Ecumencial - University Christian Outreach is ecumenical in the way that we welcome members of different church traditions. We are not a church ourselves, but are made up of people from Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions.

Charismatic - we are a people of praise and prayer renewed by the word and the power of the Holy Spirit, and open to the gifts of the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12

UCOffee (pronounced: you - Coffee) - a regularly scheduled coffeehouse sponsored by University Christian Outreach. Acts at this coffee house include skits, dances, musical and more! Visit our Calendar to find out about our next UCOffee!

Men's Group - a time when men can share their lives, pray, encourage and support one another to grow in the Lord. There are many different men's groups in UCO.

Women's Group - a time when women can share their lives, pray, encourage and support one another in the Lord. There are many different women's groups in UCO. 

Catherine Street (712/716) - UCO office, a hub for UCO activities, also a home to some of the Servants of the Word ("the brothers")

Dorm-Troopers - a group of students who live in the dorms at the University of Michigan. They choose to live on campus to be supported by their fellow students through regular prayer, meals and other activities. There are currently more than 20 dorm troopers at the University of Michigan.

SPO - Saint Paul's Outreach is our sister outreach. It is a Catholic, evangelistic and catechetical lay ministry that serves University students and young adults. Since 1985, SPO has presented young adults with the life-changing power of the Gospel and trained them to live as followers of Christ within the Catholic Church. They currently have outreaches in: Northfield, MN; Minneapolis, MN; St. Paul, MN; Columbus, OH; Tempe, AZ; Kansas City, KS; and New Jersey.

Life in the Spirit Seminar - consists of a series of talks designed to help people realize the power of the Holy Spirit that is available for every aspect of their lives.

   (More coming!)

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