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FAQ | University Christian Outreach - Ann Arbor


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Who are you?

We’re University Christian Outreach. We like to call ourselves a community of disciples on mission, and we like to back that up with how we live. We are ecumenical, which means we are made up of people from different types of Christian traditions, churches, or denominations. We are also charismatic, which means that we believe in the gifting of the Holy Spirit that is present in our worship and daily lives. For more about what we believe in and our mission, see here .

Why do you pray so loud?

One thing that people notice right away at our prayer meetings is that we pray loudly, all-together, and in funny languages. We pray this way because the Holy Spirit is alive and active among us, so we actively use and develop spiritual gifts in prayer (such as tongues and prophecy). These gifts enrich our worship life and help us encourage each other in worship. We believe in expressing our praise to the Lord openly and freely, because He deserves it!

Why Ecumenical?

Ecumenism refers to the unity of all of God’s people—Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, and Non-Denominational. We believe strongly that God desires for us to be united as one body (John 17: 20-21 , Ephesians 4:3-6 , Psalm 133:1 , Romans 15:5-6), so we try to live that out as best as we can. We understand that there are differences between our traditions, but we choose to embrace the common aspects of our faith in obedience to Christ, celebrating that which unites over that which divides us, while also remaining individually faithful to our own church backgrounds. Ecumenism—our daily living, working, praying, and serving together—is evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit, accomplishing things that we would not be able to do on our own.

Is UCO a church?

No.  We are not a church, but we are a witness to unity among members of different churches. Part of our emphasis on being ecumenical means that we attend our own churches, and remain rooted in our own traditions. This way, when we come together, it is a greater witness to our unity. For a list of churches we like in the Ann Arbor area, see here .

Who supports UCO?

UCO is funded through a combination of a network of alumni and friends, and an ecumenical group of families and single people in Ann Arbor called the Word of Life . For more information about how to support UCO financially, click here .

Are there UCO’s at other colleges?

Yes. UCO is part of a network of outreaches throughout the world called Kairos . See our links page to check out these other outreaches.

Who leads UCO?

Our staff team comprises men and women who work full-time or part-time to lead and support UCO. Check out the staff page for more info. Within UCO, we also have many student leaders who play a large role in making UCO awesome.

What’s a “dormtrooper”?

Dormtroopers (or DTs) are a group of students who live in the dorms at the University of Michigan. They choose to live in the dorms together as a community to be supported by their fellow students through regular prayer, meals and other activities.

What’s a household?

Whether or not we live in the dorms, living together with other Christians is important. Men’s Households and Women’s Households are made up of Christians who seek to live a common life together, in order to grow in their relationship with God and others. A household will pray together, eat meals together, serve together, and focus on building awesome relationships with each other.

How do I find UCO?

Well, you’re on our website, so that’s a good start. Feel free to contact us , or come to our Tuesday night prayer meetings at 8pm at the Campus Chapel .

Do you do anything fun?

Why yes, I’m glad you asked. We have a ton of fun. From UCOffee, to Nerf Wars, to disco parties, to camping trips, to Movie Nights, to Tomato Wars, to Frisbee Fridays, to RIBS night, to weekend retreats, to sledding and rollerskating and building climbing and mattress tackling and capture the flag on the diag….we have a ton of fun together. If you think you can handle that much fun, contact the student leader nearest you.

Why so many acronyms?

Like many groups, we have the tendency to create our own jargon, and some people might get confused when they hear about the DTs, the HHs, the MGs, the PTIs, the COAs, etc. We get confused ourselves sometimes. But, how many times a day do you say “University of Michigan” rather than “UofM”? Consolidation of syllables, people. If you get confused, ask a friend, or see our now defunct glossary page .

I’ve never been in UCO before—how do I get involved?

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, or contact us.

What kinds of spiritual formation do you offer?

We believe that it’s not only important to bring people to Christ, but to train them to be lifelong disciples. The main ways in which we do this is through men’s and women’s small groups—a group of 4-6 men or women that get together regularly and share their lives, pray, encourage and support one another to grow in the Lord. We also have the Foundations course, which is run by the Word of Life community, to teach basic discipleship principles to juniors and seniors in UCO. Additionally, we have our summer discipleship programs. For more on that, see the next question.

I’m looking for something to do in the summer. What kind of things does UCO have going on then?

Glad you asked!

For two months of the summer, we hold our Summer Household, which is a time of intentional communal living for students to strengthen relationships with the Lord and each other. And basically, it’s awesome.

We also encourage students to do Detroit Summer Outreach , which is a two month internship from June-July, where college students come to inner-city Detroit, live together communally, and serve the neediest people of the city.

We also host the Campus Outreach Academy (COA) , which is a nine-day training seminar that will equip college students with the vision, skills, and strategies to become effective disciples, missionaries and outreach leaders. At COA students will receive formation for their minds and training for leadership.

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